How to Simplify Dog Walks

As a new dog owner, it can be tough knowing which products your dog really needs and which of those are just a fad. Where do you even begin?

Many fellow dog owners will tell you to ‘stock up’ on the essentials – meaning filling your cart with everything but the kitchen sink. Yet, when you’re out and about with your pup, that only leaves you with a ton of things to carry.

However, the 5-in-1 multifunction dog leash from SippyLeash makes your puppy prep much easier! We know that controlling a new puppy is a challenge. Having your hands full of water bottles, waste bags PLUS the leash, will be a struggle.

Every dog LOVES adventure but with adventure comes the great skill of preparation. Unfortunately, although very smart, your dog cannot prepare for their walk or hike or simply just spending time outdoors. So, it falls on the shoulders of yourself as a responsible owner…

Whilst you probably pack of bag of water, snacks and other essentials to keep you happy, how often do you do the same for your dog?

Here’s the thing – you definitely don’t need a weighty rucksack or a jacket with a million compartments to carry their needs. Our 5-in-1 leash has an innovative design that neatly and compactly stores all of your essentials!

So, we’ve combined all of these essentials into one leash with an incredibly ergonomic design. This means your new companion has easy access to water with a handy bowl, and you can keep your hands free with our unique waste bag hook.